Friday, July 1, 2011

Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat

So far, so good enough, with the Boulevard for us. We chose this location based on CR ratings, reviews Baby Bargains and the fact that it was easy to adjust the straps for tightness and height.Our son seems very comfortable seat, and naps in it without problems. However, the seat has some disadvantages that should not exist in reality, considering its exorbitant price.

- The seat is easy to install, but very heavy and very large. We have a 2010 Toyota Rav-4, but still think that the seat is too large. It fits, but I do not think we will be able to use the same model of a second seat in our smallest sedan.

- The straps twist CONSTANTLY that, once again, should not be a problem since it was a $ 300 car seat. Seriously, could not fix the problem with a small part of my purchase price? They are also difficult to keep out of the way when you set up little guy in the seat, so I have to dig out from under him (before untwisting them) almost every time. They have included Velcro straps and the seat to try to help with this problem, but is basically useless.

- I do not know whether it is due to the overall size of the seat or if it's just a scourge of the rear seats, but it is inconvenient to get our son in and out of the seat facing the rear. Even at 10 months and hates to get out of the office, even if it's okay once it's inside and buckles. I almost long arm to hold him, him down and then around the seat and lean into the car to fix the wiring.Super annoying.

- I have not tried to remove the seat fabric for cleaning (and after reading some of the other reviews, are not eager to try it), but the buckle is a pain in the neck than to clean it if anything goes. Again, this might be the case with any site, but after spending 20 minutes trying to scrape spit-up, I want to wear a bib in the car my son suffered.

All that being said, I'm pretty happy with the seat and since our son is very high (almost 34 inches to 10 months), we needed larger premises to accommodate the rear facing to keep it as long as possible, so this was probably our best bet.

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