Saturday, July 2, 2011

US Stove Company Pellet Heater with Automatic Ignition - 120-Lb. Capacity Hopper

Large capacity hopper allows extended operation for many days between fill-ups. Digital control board features built into the diagnosis, adjustment of fuel and ignition nonpremium automatic start. Compatible with wall thermostats (not included). U.S. BTU output: 48000, Fuel: Pellet, fan included: Yes, Blower (CFM): 200, power supply fan (volts, amps): 110, Heat: 9 Full-time execution load (hours): 25 75, heat capacity (sq. ft.): 1,200, Ignitor: Yes, Thermostat included: No, Fire Box / hopper Capacity (lbs): 120, extension tube size (mm): 3, Clearance sidewall (mm): 3 - right, 7 - left, Settlement of the posterior wall (inches): 9

This is a great stove. I've had this burning oven for 3 seasons now, I find this stove on low and
my whole house heated to 70 degrees. My house is 1150 square feet.If i run for 23 hours straight
in the bass that uses a bag of pellets.Only problem I had with this stove is the starter car burned
at a time, while still under warranty, no problems getting a new, low warranty.easy to
service.They deal with customers did not question anything he said, he sent me one in 3 days. I
to install my car, but it was very easy to do.and not cancel the rest of my warranty.

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