Thursday, October 10, 2013

Teacher , two Rangers killed in southern attack , ATMs bombed

Most banks have automated teller machines rebels undermine their targeting, deep south late Tuesday in a series of coordinated bombings and arson started .
Two other attacks , Pattani , one of the badly injured a teacher , and other paramilitary Rangers forces in Narathiwat killed and five others were injured .
Authorities at 34 different public and private banks or convenience stores from those associated with a number of ATM machines, damaging or gutting, are under attack .
Was established on October 10 Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN),, and Patani United Liberation Organisation Oct. 11 (Pulo) - Deputy Prime Minister Pracha Promnog attacks were symbolic anniversaries , and two rebel groups have been marked .
Small incendiary bomb or car tires to block roads , including the torching or other ,, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat in the three attacks took place , Songkhla speaking in Saba Yoi district held in the Yawi , the Colonel Pramote Phrome internal Security Operations Centre Forward in the database .
Economic and military demoralizing by local people trying to destabilize the region as seen attacks , the spokesman said. Colonel residents met to condemn the attacks .
Traditionally, at the national level and in charge of security in the deep South is the local offices of the attacks by the security agencies had no prior warning .
Waena Munoh, on Tuesday night Johkeuyae teacher in Pattani bombing Bonn , 's death brought to 165 the number of deaths of teachers .
Victim , 55 , to attack the rebels shot by stray bullets in the complex was hit by a military guard was sleeping in the living room . Two fire trucks stolen and replaced water with fuel and set on fire with her ​​whole life ahead of quarter had been preparing to spray . Two suspects for the attack has been arrested for questioning .
Narathiwat bomb attack tomorrow morning , 46th Ranger Regiment from a three- vehicle convoy during a patrol with a roadside bomb was detonated . Ranger killed instantly in a car bomb east Hit; wounding five others died in hospital while another was announced . At a nearby teashop fourteen young men have been arrested for questioning .
National Security Council secretary-general Paradorn Pattana - thabutr attacks likely BRN between Thai authorities and by those who oppose the peace process was conducted . He may be over the next few days then I will be more attacks - but he did not elaborate .
Another roadside bomb blast crew and a little damage to the car resulting in minor injuries from a car hit a Ranger company . The attack late Tuesday night and yesterday morning, Sai Buri district of Pattani replaced .

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